Aqua Moccs Story

Thanks for taking at look at Aqua Moccs, from the great Sunshine State of Florida. I'm Samantha, an extremely shy 13-year old. Here, we're always knocking around our awesome beaches, estuaries, rivers, and swamps. 

Perhaps like you, we started spending more time outdoors, getting healthy, with stand up paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking and canoeing. We prefer barefoot, but kept hurting our feet: oyster beds, hot pavement, broken shells, sand spurs.

We couldn't find the perfect paddle footwear...clogs were bulky, flops flimsy, outdoor sandals uncomfortable on the board. Neoprene booties? UGLY.

Fortunately, my Dad is a weird footwear-designer dude. So, I said make me the perfect sandal for SUP. We got a lot of feedback from our local water dwelling experts and some smart orthopedic doctors, and came up with an awesome new sandal.


Aqua Moccs are crazy comfortable. Minimalist. Zero drop. And they protect your feet. Try out a pair at your local surf shop or buy now for fast shipping. 

I guarantee you will absolutely love them. Why? Because we took the time to test them in our sketchy Floridian backwaters, and make them perfect. 

See you on the water!

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