How are Aqua Moccs different than other outdoor sandals?

Typical outdoor sandals are great for rocky terrain--but stiff soles and bulky straps stink on a board. Aqua Moccs are a lightweight, flexible sandal with water friendly designs; you can wear them while you transport, unload, launch, paddle or swim.

What about clogs, box-store slip on's, flops, etc?

Aqua Moccs combine the convenience of a clog, slip-on, and flop, with the functional safety of a strap-on water sandal. It's the ONE outdoor aquatic sandal you'll ever need.

What are these made of?

Chlorine-free EVA. Our design is minimalist, with a very low carbon footprint (similar to 3 water bottles).

Do they float? 

Yes. Their buoyancy is calibrated to both enable underwater swimming, while also helping you to float in open water. 

Where are these manufactured?

Aqua Moccs are locally assembled in the United States with domestic and foreign manufactured components. The main body is produced in Southeast Asia. We work only with selected manufacturers committed to pay workers fairly, offer acceptable working conditions, and adhere to strict pollution protocols. 

Good for hiking?

These make an excellent camp shoe, or as a complement to hiking boots on thru hikes. Go a size up if using with thick wool socks. Aqua Moccs are ideal to ford fast-running creeks, or cool off in a lake. 

How much do they weigh?

4.2 ounces each sandal, each pair is about 0.52 pounds.

What are your shipping / return policies?

See Shipping, Returns and Exchanges for details, but basically we want you to be super satisfied. Better yet, if you love 'em, tell a friend.

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