Unique Design

Aqua Moccs have several unique features designed to make your time in the water enjoyable and safe. 

1. Raised Eyelets

Raised, cushioned eyelets create a soft top, nesting the laces, in case you want to kneel, squat or sit cross-legged on a board, boat, or at the beach.

2. Ultra-thin sole and wide toe box 

The sole is similar in thickness to a neoprene bootie, but the EVA material and low arch provide more support, while still permitting toes to bend and flex naturally. Your foot has 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, all of which work together to provide support, balance and mobility. Aqua Moccs promote healthy feet, and better balance on a board.

3. Calibrated Buoyancy 

The EVA material in Aqua Moccs provides a gentle lift when swimming or treading water in open water, roughly enough to elevate your feet while floating on your back. However, the buoyancy is low enough to permit underwater swimming. 

4. Passive Lace System

The primary function of the lacing is NOT to tighten the sandal, but to keep your sandal on your foot when the body of the sandal might morph and flex under stress, such as swimming underwater, or climbing back onto a board. 

To tighten, gently pull up each paired row of cord laces, from bottom to top, one by one. Gently slide tension clasp down to the tongue until snug. 

4. Paddle Board SUP Lace Pattern (Side)

You may want to experiment with a different side lacing style that places the clasp to the inner side. This allows you to kneel, squat on your back heels, and sit cross legged in more comfort on top of a board. You can reverse the lacing back to normal if preferred. 


Side SUP lacing Instructions 

1. The top clasp opens on just one side with a prong. Squeeze to identify the operable side. Using a small, flat head screwdriver with a blade smaller than the space at the top of the end clasp, just above the three lines, insert the screwdriver blade into the space, and GENTLY prying downward with slight inward pressure until the side of the end clasp pops open. 

2. Remove end clasp. Squeeze button of tension clasp, and slide clasp off laces.

3. Unlace sandal.

4. Thread the lace through the first and second row eyelets on the inner side as shown in the first photo below. Pull laces straight up, and adjust so they are the same approximate length. Then, Continue lacing as per below photos.


5. Reinsert tension clasp. 

6. Insert the ends of the two laces into the bottom of the end clasp, with the inserted ends terminating just before the inner top of the end clasp. Squeeze latch of the clasp down securely until it clicks shut.

To tighten SUP lacing pattern, pull upwards the top cord of the bottom X, then top cord of upper X, lower cord of the bottom X, top cord of upper X. Squeeze tension clasp and slide down snug.

P.S. If you break a clasp, we'll send you a new one, free.

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